Crew Change in Lagos Nigeria

COVID-19 pandemic has brought about probably the most challenging times for the shipping industry and worst crew change crisis in history. Actions taken by governments around the world like travel restrictions and border closures have crippled crew changing operations, causing hundreds of thousands of seafarers to be stranded on ships, and unable to join ships. In the first few months of the restrictions and closures Over 200,000 seafarers were estimated to be stranded on ships and an almost identical number needed to replace them ;although actions have been taken to reduce this number solve the crisis, crew change is still a tedious and rigorous process as long as the corona virus is still around.

In some countries, seafarers of other nationalities are not allowed to to sign on/off vessels, in other locations crew changes are only permitted at anchorage or Off-Port-Limits, extensive measures are being developed and are increasingly stricter; also 75% of necessary crew changes haven’t taken place since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world in March.

The majority of passport offices and consulates are closed, and therefore the necessary documentation, certification and permissions remain held up.

The abrupt halt of crew change operations caused a humanitarian crisis, and also, fatigue and mental health breakdown of seafarers led to serious accidents at sea. There has been multiple reports of suicide attempts, violence and desperation, seafarers are fatigued and on the edge;

On July 4, Al Jazeera reported, “Six migrants on board a rescue ship in the Mediterranean Sea tried to kill themselves and others have gotten into fights and threatened fellow passengers and crew members in growing desperation over their inability to find a country willing to take them in.”

On July 9 there were multiple reports of maritime accidents

The Star reported, “The frozen body of an Indonesian man has been found aboard a detained Chinese fishing vessel, authorities said Thursday (July 9), adding that they suspected foul play in the crew member’s death. Indonesian police said they intercepted two boats in the Malacca Strait this week after receiving a tip off that a crew member had died aboard one of the vessels.”

“The 20-year-old may have been tortured and his body had been kept inside a freezer of the Lu Huang Yuan Yu 117 since late June,” said Riau province police spokesman Harry Golden Hart. “The victim had physical injures, but we’re conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of death,” he told AFP.

Japan Times reported the case of a pregnant woman desperate to get off a ship and go home “Karika Neethling wanted to get home as the coronavirus pandemic convulsed the cruise industry in March. Her anxiety grew more desperate when she learned she was pregnant.”

Another report by Thomson Reuters told the story of a captain who disembarked after 167 days at sea. It said, “Jens Boysen disembarked one of the world’s largest container ships on Thursday after 167 days at sea when he has acted not only as captain but also as doctor, dentist, mental coach and entertainment director for his stressed-out crew.”Boysen, captain of the Emma Maersk, said two crew members developed toothache but were not allowed to leave the ship.”I got medical advice, and then I pulled the teeth out,” Boysen said, standing on the dock in Hamburg after bidding his crew farewell. “It felt almost like a war situation,” he added.”

 on July 14, splash 24/7 reported , “Twelve crewmembers onboard the 1985-built 5,500 DWT oil tanker Viet Tin 01 are desperately looking for help as the vessel has been stranded in Malaysian waters since mid-March and they are running out of food and supplies.The seafarers onboard the vessel wrote “Help us. No food. No salary” on the hull of the vessel in an effort to seek help and they have also sent out a distress call through a mobile app used by seafarers globally.”

Also, due to increased frustration, fights ensued among crews due to delayed wages and fatigue, the ones stuck at home were stressed about their inability to join a ship and earn a living.

The crisis has also affected the continuity of the global supply chain. Covid-19 brought about massive changes to crew changing practice in the modern era; daily changes in government policies and medical advice created a big challenge in delivering clear information and advice to ensure safe transition of crews and maintenance of shipping businesses as practically as is possible.

With the pandemic still very much around, every crew change operation is treated as special, seafarers have had to endure delays of up to 3 months before they could sign on or off a ship, the most determining factor in this crisis is the availability of commercial flights, In some areas, crew changes had become almost impossible in practical terms due to the closure of many airports ; flights are needed to take seafarers to and from their homes, scarcity of international flights due to restrictions by some countries makes the process tedious, crew members have to take multiple flights in order to get to their destination.

While crew changing operations are gradually returning, Precautionary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among ship crews; The tests and quarantine measures are similar around the world but some areas require multiple negative results before being allowed to travel because there have instances where a seafarer tests negative before the flight to join their ship, but get a positive result when they arrive at the ship.

The crisis is also telling on ship operators and crew changing companies, their ships remain idle, Covid-19 tests are expensive and crew members stranded on board salaries have to be paid even beyond their contracts and other expenses pile up for ship operators.

On July 10th, the government of 12 countries issued a joint statement to help solve the crew change crisis at an International Maritime Virtual Summit on Crew Changes hosted by the UK, also urging other nations to follow suit. The statement stated that “The inability of ship operators worldwide to conduct ship’s crew changes (during the pandemic) is the single most pressing maritime operational challenge to the safe and efficient movement of global trade” and urged all IMO member states to

  • Recognise seafarers as ‘key workers
  • accept their international seafarer documents as legal Proof of such if necessary
  • Implement as far as possible the maritime industry’s agreed protocols for safe crew changes
  • Amend quarantine restrictions as needed to exempt seafarers
  • Explore together with the aviation industry suitable flight options for safe crew travel.

These efforts have helped to check the situation and prevent a humanitarian crisis that could affect the whole world. Some countries have responded and created procedures for safe crew changes, one of those countries is Nigeria and below is its crew changing procedure :


  • Crew change in Nigeria

Crew Change Services are monitored by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) in May they released a notice recognizing the duties of seafarers as essential to the Nigerian economy; the notice contained directives on ship crew changes and travel during the corona virus pandemic and the responsibilities of seafarers when joining and leaving a vessel as well as shipping companies and agents.

The notice granted seafarers passage to and from their respective vessels on crew change at anchorage, seaport, offshore, terminals and jetties.

The notice required ship owners, shipping companies, manning agents to develop their own company procedure for joining and signing off seafarers in line with national and international practices as prescribed for covid-19 by the presidential task force, NCDC, port health services and NIMASA.

It also requires companies to provide special and dedicated transportation for seafarers, the notice mandates that these means of transportation be fumigated and disinfected before and after being used.

The notice stipulates that foreign seafarers arriving Nigeria through the airport, anchorage or leaving a vessel at the anchorage, seaports terminal offshore platforms and jetties shall adhere to strict requirements of the national requirements on COVID-19 and the steps of the Notice.

The notice states before commencing any journey from home, location or place of residence to join a vessel or offshore platform, at anchorage/seaports/terminal/offshore platform/jetty, seafarers shall meet the National requirements on COVID-19 and at all travel locations, observe the standard guidelines issued by the PTF, NCDC and PHF on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria, also seafarers shall at all times familiarise himself/herself with travel information; Confirm from their company and/or agent, date and means of his/her travel from home/location/place of residence to the vessel in anchorage, seaport, terminal, offshore platform or jetty; always have a means of identification as a seafarer, always have their crew health medical certificate of fitness and will require a joining instruction and introduction letter as a seafarer from the shipping company.

The notice mandates all shipping companies to submit its crew list to before leaving or joining the vessel, also all shipping companies and agents have been directed to strictly comply with the terms of engagement with the seafarers concerning welfare, health, wages, safety and security on-board vessels in transit during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and Shipping companies and agents shall develop and implement a contingency plan and risk assessment on COVID-19 for their companies.

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