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 In addition, a ship agent has to liaise with all the concerned authorities, and suppliers and service providers well before vessel arrival to ensure smooth operations.

When a ship docks at a foreign port, the shipping company will want to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the ship’s cargo and crew for the duration they are docked, a port agent is hired to take charge of managing the ships operations on behalf of the owner to make sure that everything goes to plan.


The duties of the port agent is to bridge language barriers if there is any; the port agent takes care of all the paperwork that the ship needs to be able to dock ; if the ship requires port services like unloading of cargo, the port agent books them and they make  sure there is a berthing space available and stevedores are ready for the ship at its allocated time.

The port agent is usually one of the first people to board the ship when it berths, they bring mail, local currency, instructions from another port, information about the goods they’ll be carrying and their destination; they collect a list of supplies needed by the crew, such as marine fuel and lubricants, engine room spare parts, and fresh provisions which is supplied as quickly as possible. When the ship leaves, the port agent calculates the costs that have been incurred by the ship during its visit for the ship owner’s account.

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