Marine Survey in Nigeria

Ship and Vessel Inspection in Lagos Nigeria

Marine Survey

Marine survey involves the conduction of inspections, surveys and examinations of marine vessels to evaluate, monitor to report on their condition and the condition of the products on them, including inspecting damage suffered by vessel and cargo, inspection of equipment meant for new vessels or vessels already in use to ensure that they meet standards and specifications.

Sometimes when a person wants to purchase a new or old vessel and they do not have in depth knowledge about ships or do not have the time to check it out themselves, they could hire a marine surveyor to conduct a check and report on the condition of the vessel; they check for defects or if the vessel needs maintenance, repairs or replacements, basically they check if the vessel is in good shape to hit the sea and if it will be a good investment for the buyer.

Marine surveyors are usually hired on a fee basis by clients and they maintain professional autonomy so they can give an unbiased assessment of a vessel. Marine survey is often associated with marine insurance, clients of marine insurers often hire independent marine surveyors to give evidence to support damage claims against the insurer. Insurance companies cannot make clients hire specific marine surveyors.

Marine Surveyor

  Ship Agency in Nigeria

This is a person hired by a customer to carry out inspections, surveys and examinations on a vessel to evaluate and report on their condition and the goods on them, they also inspect damage caused to both vessel and cargo; they also carry out inspection on equipment intended for new or existing vessels to ensure compliance with various standards or specifications. Marine surveyor’s jobs includes evaluating the general condition of the vessel’s structure, machinery, equipment and cargo; also inspecting materials on board and their condition.

The marine surveyor holds a very important position in the shipping industry and is held with high regard, as certifications and payment are only processed after a surveyor has given his satisfaction. They are usually highly qualified and technically sound and are selected after strict evaluation procedures  because the lives of countless crew members and condition of goods relies purely on their judgment, competence and integrity as they are the ones who decide if a ship is fit for sailing or not.

Types of Marine Surveyor

The shipping industry is a very diverse and vast one and it requires various types of marine survey that are carried out by specialists in their respective field of survey. Generally there are two main classes of surveyors: surveyors called in to identify problems before they occur, they assess a vessel before purchase or during routine checks, and they are called proactive surveyors. The other class is usually called in after an incident has happened, these are insurance, arbitration and claimant surveyors, they are called reactive surveyors.

Marine surveyors can be further divided into more specialized fields:

Government surveyor

They perform ship registration surveys, surveys of foreign-going ships and local draft, and enforce ship safety standards to ensure marine industrial safety. Government surveyors represent two main points of interest- a flag state representative, and a port state representative; flag state surveyors report to the government the vessel is registered with while port state surveyors report to the government of the territory a vessel has entered. Port state surveyors can stop a vessel that have defects that may have adverse effects on life and environment from sailing, flag state surveyors set the conditions a vessel must meet in other to be registered and this registration can be suspended of withdrawn when the a vessel does not comply.

Cargo surveyor

Cargo surveyors are normally hired by a Cargo Owner, charterer or organization transporting cargo in bulk, especially grain cargo. They perform a draft survey to determine the actual cargo loaded on board, ensure that the cargo nis loaded and unloaded in the appropriate manner according to law and loadable limits. In case of expensive and high-value goods, the surveyor may be required to personally oversee the loading and unloading operations.

Cargo surveyors are responsible for all cargo related operations and inspections.

Classification surveyor

Classification surveyors inspect vessels ensure that its components and machinery are built and maintained according to the standards required for their class. Classification surveyors often represent a classification society as well as act as an inspector on behalf of the flag state of the ship. They ensure that the vessel complies with the classification society’s rules for construction and outfitting, and is maintained fit to start trading. They also make sure that it satisfies the clear set of guidelines issued by the flag state. After completion of any survey, the classification surveyor makes recommendations to the classification society and/or the flag state whether the vessel has a clean bill of health, or it has various defects must be corrected within a given time.

Independent surveyor

These are marine surveyors that operate individually and are not affiliated to any organizations. They perform a wide range of tasks including examining ship cargo, onboard conditions, investigating accidents at sea, preparing accident reports for insurance purposes, and conducting draft surveys to assess loss. They are usually hired to run private third party assessment on vessels during construction or after accidents.

Yacht and small craft surveyor

These are marine surveyors whose specialty is the inspection of smaller vessels most often used for pleasure boating. Yacht and small craft survey has many unique aspects that are different from traditional forms of marine survey because pleasure boating is a relatively new practice.

They check the various equipment and machinery onboard. Since the most of these vessels are usually for personal use, the owners hire surveyors directly to inspect their vessel. Some of these surveyors work under organizations but the vast majority of these surveyors are independent surveyors.

Ullage Survey

This is the assessment of oil, gas and petrochemical products; inspection and approval of ship tanks to ensure good conditions for loading cargo, verification of the quantity of liquid cargo on board a ship by measuring it in a vacuum. They also perform other tasks like Cargo Contamination Surveys, Supervision of loading/discharging.

Calibration of Tanks / Meters

Calibration is the process by which measurement systems are certified to the international standards. The process may be carried out with various methods: optical, strapping, metering depending on factors like type, design, site and preferences. The process of calibration can be carried out in a short time frame and the process includes:

• Assessment of tank/meter type(s) to be calibrated and product(s) it is to be used for.

• Assessment of tank/meter location/condition during calibration.

• Confirmation of suitability for calibration.

• Assessment of appropriate preferred methods to be used in calibration.

• Agreement of methodology, dates and conditions for calibrations to be carried out.

• Selection/allocation of equipment and personnel and scheduling.

• Mobilization to site/Calibrations/Return from site.

• Calibration calculations and table preparation.

• Verification processes and validation.

• Issuance of calibrations.

Vessel Condition Survey

This is a thorough survey of a vessel to report the condition- the extent and nature of defects found.

The report include the Description of Vessel and its main particulars gotten from plans and documents on board or supplied by the vessels Master.

The areas surveyed include:

The bridge navigation and communication equipment’s used, the vessel’s accommodation.

The ship’s hull which includes the plates, draught marks, type of rudder and propeller and bow thruster.

The State of the main deck areas which constitutes of the deck plating, railings, mast house structures, air vents etc.

The State of the cargo tanks, ballast tanks, chain lockers, deck store rooms.

The Safety and fire-fighting equipment’s

Then an honest report is prepared to describe the vessel’s condition from the inspection.

In HENDIAC NIGERIA LIMITED we are Involved in inspections, Marine survey and examinations of marine vessels to evaluate, monitor to report on their condition and the condition of the products on them, including inspecting damage suffered by vessel and cargo, inspection of equipment meant for new vessels or vessels already in use to ensure that they meet standards and specifications.

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    In addition, it does not enable you to test or fix the audio or video content in the file.
    You can safely delete it from your disk without having any impact on your system. It only requires the.NET framework to run and it has a size of just 9.45 MB.
    The program does not enable you to change the attributes of the file, so make sure you read its installation instructions before using it. If you cannot repair the MPEG file you are using, you can always

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    If you’re not familiar with stock icons, you may want to start by using one of the free trial versions available.

    Lacie is a high definition reference television led sold exclusively by Amazon. On this model it will work with any TV that you get your HDMI cable plugged into. It comes with a data cable, this is a 1,8m that allows you to swith a computer to your television.
    Lacie is also a great option for the portable gamer. Now

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    The version of munin-node available at GitHub (msysgit) does not work with Windows DNS Servers.

    Short Install Guide

    If your goal is just monitoring basic stats and graphs, the dev branch on GitHub has a tutorial that shows you how to set up a basic instance here:

    If you want a fully configurable, standalone, monitoring

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    Pros The application is easy to handle and can open a bunch of target formats Besides being intuitive, it has some useful optional features such as previewing the files from an archive
    Cons The tool does not allow you to compress files outside the default ZIP archive format

    Say you need to share some large files with co-workers. One solution is to use a cloud service, such as the popular Dropbox. That’s the choice chosen by the How I Work community, as its members

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    == File locations ==
    Exchange: \Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\bin
    License: \Program Files\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Writing Tools\x36e6253476c6d264ba374017419f6f4e.txt
    == What’s up with that setting about folder attachments under power bluelist? ==
    Some folks are running into issues when deleting bluelist folders with attached items. With the new FolderAttch

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    This software is a fully functional Windows application which makes it very easy to use and very easy to implement in your own needs.
    App Features:
    * Simple drag and drop interface to create folder subfolders
    * You can choose which type of files to move into subfolders if the files are of a specific type
    * Sort by created date, file extensions, first letter of the file name, folders created, folders moving
    * Sort by either wildcard (*.*), single type

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    If you are an Internet user, you don’t have to wait long to download Internet Usage Monitor Lite.Q:

    Is it possible to send datas to web resources using PL/SQL?

    Could you help me to achieve that?
    For example: I have an array of data (100 rows) in my database, in a certain column.
    How can I sent that row to a ‘.jsp’.
    It is possible to send the row using a ‘.zip

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    ■ TribalWeb is designed to fully integrate with the Windows environment and even with the Windows registry.
    ■ Encryption+encoded file names allow TribalWeb to employ its full performance with no hidden overhead of encryption technology.
    Hi, my name is Wazuh and it is very important to me that TribalWeb is very easy to use.
    TribalWeb is very easy to use. It’s set-up is extremely pleasant. Once setup, it’s

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    ■ TribalWeb is designed to fully integrate with the Windows environment and even with the Windows registry.
    ■ Encryption+encoded file names allow TribalWeb to employ its full performance with no hidden overhead of encryption technology.
    Hi, my name is Wazuh and it is very important to me that TribalWeb is very easy to use.
    TribalWeb is very easy to use. It’s set-up is extremely pleasant. Once setup, it’s

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    Interested users can download MiniMinder from its official site.—
    description: “Automatically generated file. DO NOT MODIFY”


    MSHTTPClient *httpClient = [MSClientFactory createHTTPClientWithAuthenticationProvider:authenticationProvider];

    NSString *MSGraphBaseURL = @””;
    NSMutableURLRequest *urlRequest = [NSMutable

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    If you like it, you can install it on your Sailfish OS device to benefit from the sophisticated and handy feature set, which allows you to communicate with the compiled applications, documents and emails within the Jolla smartphone.**]{}, 5979 (1995); J. Hirsch, R. Mueller, and A. Crubellier, [*ibid*]{} [**59**]{}, 1739 (1999).

    S. Zhu, D.A.

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    Efficient network mail server
    XMail acts as a mail server for the wide range of protocols supported by SMTP. It can be installed on any network where Internet or Intranet access is available.
    The server comes with a built-in Intranet email client and the SMTP server works out of the box with the majority of mail clients available today.
    In addition to the SMTP

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    Once launched, you can connect your Zoom pedal to any of the supported software using the USB port located on the back of the box. If the Zoom hardware is turned off, you can also use the cable that is provided with the unit.

    The app is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It supports English, French, German and Spanish languages.
    ToneLib Zoom is a free download and has an evaluation period where you can use it for 30-days. After the trial period

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    Professional team collaboration and project management tool on teams and in classrooms. With TasksQ you can create as many projects as you like, assign tasks to your team or to individual contacts, set due dates, create animated notifications as well as regular ones and much more. Tasks can be created, edited and your projects even saved to your account. TasksQ offers direct messaging, file attachments and clients can approve and mark tasks as completed. Tasks

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    Regardless, it’s still a very useful application that works great with every Windows system regardless of hardware or current software load.
    TweakPrefetch is a simple, friendly utility. It will guide you through everything you can do with it.
    ✓ Automatic layout detection to enable or disable the Prefetch and Superfetch functions on the entire computer.
    ✓ Use the “Detect” function to provide optimal Prefetch and Superfetch settings without having

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    * This version is compatible with PZ History 1.5+ (10.3.3+.x)

    Tags and Albums Editor is a powerful tag reader and information editor. It has a very easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, is much faster and more powerful.
    – Dynamic information records: reading dynamic information tags from any mp3 and all its subfolders.
    – Full text:

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    Although it might seem like a simple video recorder program, it is actually a comprehensive one, capable of generating hundreds of video effects, support for various screen area definitions and capture applications with multiple format options and watermarks, just to name a few features.
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    User reviews on file hosting websites have conveyed a sentiment of dissatisfaction regarding many applications on the subject. Some have scored it as the clear winner

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    Everyone knows that Microsoft has been rolling out new features to Windows 10 which recently hit version 1903.
    Even the latest update significantly improved the keyboard shortcuts for those using the Rapid Key and the ability to resize your windows without losing their contents.
    The fact that Microsoft continues to add the improvements and features to Windows and Office 2019 after the client system has been on the market for decades shows that the company is committed to the long term experience of the users.
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    is supported
    Install and launch the Widget utility. Then, drag the Toolbar Widget from the Widget Utility to the Widget Panel to add it to the system.

    With this program you can open music files, edit them in real time or preview them. You can cut, copy, paste, share and force a delete. The program works with files in KZX, NDS, PC (HPS, M3 8cee70152a albeeli


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    SassyMEV-VolumeSync comes with several features:
    ・It can control 10 Korg multi-effects units (KORG ESX-1, ESX-3, POD, ES18) and
    VI-series plugins
    ・It can control KORG EM8.
    ・It remembers latest controls settings.

    WaveshopperEQ is a equalizer plugin with two equalizer band and make it possible to balance and mix (ampl 8cee70152a nikocurt


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