Nigerian Seafarers

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The term seafarer basically refers to a sailor or crew member on board any vessel that sails over water. When a person begins to serve on board a marine vessel as a profession, they are referred to as a seafarer; there are many different classifications, levels and ranks in the profession but the term seafarer is not used to qualify a person after leaving the profession unless they have achieved a high rank while on service. Seamen that have served on board marine vessels for an extended period are therefore referred to as seafarers.

Crew Change in Nigeria

Seafarers coming aboard onto a ship during a crew change Operation.

Seafarers are people who are employed by ship-owners to do work on board a ship at sea, taking part in the ship’s operation, maintenance and repair work, special ship personnel who have hired to work at sea on board a ship, cleaning and catering personnel. This does not include people on ships with land base employments, i.e. journalists, researchers, cooperating task men, service technicians, journalists, offshore specialist etc. people not covered by the description above are not considered as seafarers, if they are not required to have an employment contract for seafarers to be on a ship then they are not seafarers but passengers.


The term sailor refers to a person who works aboard a marine vessel as part of its crew, this includes work in anyone of the different fields that are related to the operation and maintenance of a ship. The term sailor used to refer to people who worked on sailing ships when they were the main mode of transport at sea, but now it describes personnel of every watercraft regardless of the mode of transport and people who operate ships professionally and recreationally.



A seaman is a person whose trade or occupation is to assist in the handling, sailing and navigation of a ship during a voyage, especially one below the rank of officer; a person skilled in seamanship. Seaman is a military rank used in many navies around the world. It is considered a junior enlisted rank and, depending on the navy, it may be a single rank on its own or a name shared by several similarly-junior ranks.



What does a seafarer do?

Crew Change in Lagos Nigeria

For a large part of human history, water transportation has been the main mode of sending goods around the world, cloths, food, almost everything id transported by ships. The shipping industry, sometimes called the invisible industry is crucial to the existence of the global economy.

Seafarers work on board a ship at sea, taking part in the ship’s operation, maintenance and repair work, cleaning and catering personnel; they ensure that the essential items and commodities on which our lives depend arrive safely at our homes.


Life at Sea and common problems of seafarers

Sea Captains in Nigeria

Seafarers live a tough lifestyle and endure many hardships at sea, they are one of the most neglected professionals and are often overlooked by government and international organizations. Some of the common problems faced by seafares on and off a ship include:


  • Securing important documents

Official documents serve as a seafarer’s only identity when going to ports on foreign countries, failure to secure or misplacement of these documents can create a lot of problems with authorities and prevent a person from working. It is advised to have multiple copies of every official documents, and always be in possession of a copy and keep a copy at home.

  • Catching connecting flights

Seafarers sometimes have to catch several connecting flights to reach a specific destination, although transit time is always given, seafarers can miss flights due to several reasons. When this happens, the local crewing agency office should be contacted to inform them of the situation so they can arrange an alternative flight or a return flight.

  • Lost or stolen luggage

Losing luggage during a flight is a common occurrence, luggage can be lost due to several reasons: theft, negligence etc. case of misplaced luggage should be reported to the airline with corresponding details such as your foreign agent and shipping office.

  • Deprivation of social life

Seafarers have to make the sacrifice of staying away from their loved ones for extended periods while carrying out their duties at sea. They miss birthdays, family events like weddings funerals and other social events; some have missed every birthday celebrations of their kids, relationships and friendships suffer due to the nature of the job. Seafarers have to make a tough choice to earn a livelihood sometimes at the cost of their own happiness.

  • Fighting tough seas and rough weather

Seafarers have to fight the toughest seas and the roughest of weathers while on voyages. The sea gets more dangerous the further one gets from land and despite technological advancement, seafarers are still at the mercy of nature and travelling from one port to the other involves facing severe storms and scary waves; Several ships are lost every year to sea mishaps but a seafarers job must go on regardless of these hazards.

  • Piracy and war zones

Ships travel with the risk of encountering pirates and other unfriendly entities, according to a report, more than 100,000 seafarers travel or are planning to pass through heavily piracy affected areas. Ships are often hijacked by pirates and seafarers taken hostage by

pirates, they are likely to be tortured, abused and kept in miserable conditions. The most important trading routes for food, raw materials and manufactured goods are usually pirate infested areas. Ships also have to travel through war zones to deliver cargo and essential supplies to navies and where they are needed.

  • Health hazards

Because of the nature of their work and continuous change of environment due to travelling to new places, seafarers are prone to specific diseases and illness; they also face physical hazards such as injuries caused by accidents. Seafarers also face psychological problems like homesickness, loneliness and fatigue. Often seafarers have to wait till they get to port to be treated for sickness and injuries due to lack of experts on board to provide appropriate medical assistance.

  • Tough laws and regulations

A seafarer has to be careful when in foreign lands because their laws could be different from the laws of their home country as countries have different norms and culture.

Seafarers have to follow tough laws and regulations everywhere they go, each country a ship berths in has its own law and regulations that seafarers have to abide by. Sometimes this laws are used to criminalize seafarers; seafarers have often been used as scapegoats to prove points between quarrelling nations (to raise revenue or settle political issues), they can be imprisoned for years under such laws for years while been tortured and treated badly.

  • Working without basic rights

A large number of seafarers work on ships without basic rights a working professional should be entitled to like insurance and pension policies. Many shipping companies do not add pension schemes to their contracts, some do not even provide proper medical care or insurance system either at sea or at leave. Many times seafarers have had to run the expenses of treating their injuries by themselves without hope of any compensation.

  • Bad accommodation and communication facilities

A common problem of seafarers during voyages is the lack of proper accommodation and communication facilities. Even with advances in communication technology, seafarers still have to get to land before they can find a decent communication facility. There are many complains of poor quality cabins, bad and insufficient food. Rotting fruits and spoiled food are a common sight on long voyages; although there are regulations in place that has made the quality of food an living improve, there are still times seafarers can’t get a decent meal and they still have to carry out their duties onboard ships while dealing with such conditions.

  • How much is the salary of Seaman?

An entry level ordinary seaman with less than one year experience is expected to earn an average total compensation including tips, bonus and overtime pay of $41,271 based on 5 salaries. An Ordinary Seaman with up to 4 years of experience is expected to earn an average compensation of $42,000 based on 17 salaries.

An Ordinary Seaman with up to 9 years of experience earns an average compensation of $60,000 based on 6 salaries. An experienced Ordinary Seaman with up to 19years of experience earns an average total compensation of $50,000 based on 5salaries. These salaries might vary based on the type of ship worked on.

But in Nigeria seafarers are paid less than their counterparts around the world; Nigerian seafarers are among the least paid seafarer in the world. The international labor organization (ILO) minimum wage for able seamen is $1078 (N388, 000), while a master is expected to take $6,633 (2.39 million) monthly. This is the benchmark laid down by the Maritime Labor Convention(MLC) in 2006 to guarantee the welfare of seafarers. Despite the Federal Government submitting the MLC instrument of ratification since June 2013, no Nigerian seafarer earns anything near the set benchmark by ILO.

How do I become a seafarer in Nigeria? (Seafarers Qualifications and Certification (NIMASA)). To become a seafarer in Nigeria, there are requirements you need to fulfil, these include training band submission of certain documents, and they include:

  • Taking the basic seaman training (BST) course

The first thing to do is to take this course, you can get your basic training from the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron or at private maritime academies scattered aroundthe country. The training includes:

Personal survival training Personal safety and social responsibility

First aid

Fire fighting

Fire prevention.

After finishing the course, you should get your certification, it includes Certificate of

Competence (COC), it is the only certificate used and recognized worldwide to allow

seamen work on ships.

  • Apply for the Seaman’s requirements

These includes the BST certificate which you will get once basic training is completed,

Seaman’s book/a document that serves as your passport in the maritime industry and a

transit visa which your employer will assist in getting you once you are employed.

  • Apply for a job in marine and shipping agencies

Visit the Nigerian maritime administration and safety agency (NIMASA) for a list of

legitimate and accredited shipping agencies when applying for a job to avoid being


  • Legitimize your status as a seaman

Once hired, make sure to register with NIMASA to legitimize your status as an official

and registered seaman. You will also be issued a Seafarer’s Registration Certificate

(SRC) as soon as your status is legitimized.

  • Maritime Safety and security

Maritime safety deals with the protection of life and property of all forms of waterborne transportation through regulation management and technology development.

The agency responsible for regulating shipping activities in Nigeria is the Maritime Safety and Seafarers Standard Department (MSSSD), they implement relevant IMO conventions which have been ratified, domesticated and published.

The Department is statutorily empowered by Section 22, Part IV of the NIMASA Act 2007 and the Merchant Shipping Act (MSA) 2007.

Maritime safety deals with the prevention of accidental damage or incidents of marine environmental pollution or loss of life at sea by developing technical support systems, investigating maritime accidents and establishing vessel traffic monitoring and information system.

Maritime security deals with preventing intention damage through sabotage, subversion or terrorism. It deals with issues such as: International peace and security.

Terrorist acts against shipping, offshore installations and other maritime interests.

Piracy and armed robbery at sea, Transnational organized crimes, e.g., smuggling of migrants, narcotic drugs, arms.

Threats to resource security, e.g., illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.

Environmental threats, e.g., major pollution incident, illegal dumping.

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