• HENDIAC NIGERIA LIMITED has a team of experienced marine surveyors offering a wide range of surveys for vessels and cargoes to a variety of parties and stakeholders within the commercial marine industry. HENDIAC  has extensive and specialist marine industry knowledge to deliver a tailored and effective service. Our survey reports are comprehensive and thorough to ensure that our customers have all the information needed to make reasoned decisions. HENDIAC fully appreciate the importance of the role of a marine surveyor to identify and mitigate risks. We are able to deploy on demand to protect our principal’s interests. In the past, HENDIAC  has acted on behalf of cargo owners, underwriters, brokers, ship owners, charterers, P&I clubs, shippers and receivers. 
  • -        Cargo Surveys.
  • DISCHARGE TALLY SURVEY EX- VESSEL. The first step in discharge survey is to carry out the stowage condition of the cargo to ascertain the condition of cargo before discharge operation. This is usually applied for bagged cargos or cargo in cartons or containers or steel products (rice, chemicals, frozen fish, plywood, hard board, equipments and project cargo etc). The tally survey involves the counting of cargo on the basis of the unit of loading or discharge when it is being loaded or discharged from the vessel and their condition at the point of operations.

  1.  DRAFT SURVEY. This is applied for the determination of quantity of bulk cargo (wheat, cement, soya beans, sugar, fertilizer, gypsum, and barley malt etc) loaded or discharged from a vessel. The method involves the calculation of weight of water displaced by the ship without cargo and with cargo to calculate the weight of the cargo. For result of draft survey to be acceptable, it must be carried out only while the ship is floating. There are technical Procedures for ascertaining the accuracy of draft survey. The accuracy of draft surveys is within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.5%.

  • SUPERVISION OF UNSTUFFING OF CONTAINERS. The is the process where container is taken for delivery from the port to the consignee’s warehouse/cold room and the surveyor will record the quantity and condition of the cargo as they are been unstuffed from the container and if any damage is noticed, the record of the quantity damage will be taken.

  • CARGO DAMAGE SURVEY. This becomes necessary in the event of damage to a vessel or cargo when one party initiates a claim against another. In this case, discrepancy has been identify or reported. The surveyor is to find out the cause of damage, nature of damage and extent of damage to have a comprehensive report and all cargo documents are been collected. The survey covers all kind of cargos.

  •  WEIGHING OF TORN BAGS OR DISCREPANT CARGO. We carry out weighing of torn bags that occurred on board a vessel or torn bags that occur ashore during discharge operations to ascertain the percentage of contents lost due to handling. This is also done at the receiver’s warehouse. Weighing is also carried out on cargo of frozen fish when there are discrepancies between the shippers/suppliers and the receivers to know the weight of the cargo if it confirm with their terms of agreement.

  • ULLAGE SURVEY. This method is used for determining the quantity of liquid cargo (crude oil, petroleum products, chemical etc) loaded or discharged from tanker vessels. It involves the measurement of the free space above the cargo in the tanks and applying relevant technical procedures together with the tank tables to calculate the quantity of the cargo. Most of the equipment used in the calculation is provided by the vessel. This is done during loading or discharging to ashore tanks or ship to ship (STS) at sea.

  • ON AND OFF HIRE BUNKER SURVEY. This is carried out during transfer of a vessel between an Owner and a Charterer during the time of the vessel being taken on or off hire to ascertain the quantity of bunker on board as at the time of on hire or off hire.             

  • VESSEL CONDITION SURVEY. This is carried out during transfer of a vessel between Owner and a Charterer during the time of the vessel being taken on or off hire to ascertain the condition of the vessel as at those times.  A comprehensive report with photographs howing the condition of the vessel at the time is issued.

Underwater Survey. This is to ascertain the condition of the sea, condition of vessel with video before and after the survey and cleaning of hull and seabed.


-          It will provide adequate report of discharge/loading operations and revenue guide to the terminal, Vessel owners, Shipping Agent, Vessel Managers and Terminal Operators, Government Agencies and Maritime Regulators, etc.

-          The condition of cargo onboard, during discharge and after discharge will be covered and in any case of damage, it will be easy to trace where the liability falls.

-          A comprehensive report will be issued after the discharge/loading operations.

-          The survey report will provide you with adequate quantity and type of cargo discharged / loaded.

-          Survey report is used for planning.

-          The survey report will help you to handle the issue of claims as they come because the report is more acceptable to other parties.



Our Services are directed at the following sectors:

-          Ship Owners and Shipping Agents.

-          International Traders.

-          Charterers

-          Insurance Brokers and Underwriters.

-          Terminal Operators

-          Government Organizations.

-          Oil Companies

-          Banks and International Financial Institutions.

-          Importers and Exporters

-          Shipping lines/companies.