We are HENDIAC NIGERIA LIMITED   ship agent, Boat Renter & Suppliers. We Supply all items requested by vessels, this enables us to fulfill the balance of the equation “high quality at reasonable prices at the right time”. HENDIAC NIGERIA LIMITED is now one of the market leaders in the Shipping all Nigeria’s Ports & Anchorage in both fields of Ship Chandler & Atlantic Ocean Transit. We supply orders big or small, we stock common stores, but as a guideline we normally need 12 Hours for spare part orders, while provisions and bonded orders mostly can be arranged within lesser Hours. Time matters – to us too, and the sooner we have your enquiries, the better solutions and prices we may offer you and your vessel.  You can count on us for a fair treat, although sometimes we may – based on a cost /benefit calculation – need to charge a reasonable fee to cover our expenses e.g. due to small order outside normal business hours. HENDIAC NIGERIA LIMITED has established a clearly defined strategy that guides our daily activities. It means that we focus all of our efforts around the needs of the customer, and that we do so around the world, to achieve this objective, we have resolved upon a strategy consisting of four key elements.